Third Time is a charm?

Let's hope so anyways!

This is my third go at a blog.
I started my first back in 2009 after the birth of our daughter Emma Antoinette.
I stopped blogging when we bought a house and life got busy.
Fast forward to 2011 and our second daughter Audrey Winter is born - I start blogging again.
This blog was called Mama Mazzone and had a lot of posts about our family, our home and crafting.
Life gets super busy again and I decide I don't have time to blog so I delete it.
I miss blogging a lot! When I go and try to BEG google for my blog back they say its too late.
One sad mama :(

So here is to a new start!
My third attempt at blogging.
Lets hope I don't let my impulsiveness delete this blog down the road too.
(Breaks from blogging are for more appropriate then just clicking DELETE right?)

I decided to call this blog Audrey Winter after our second daughter.
Actually, I tried to call it Mama Mazzone again but it wouldn't let me.
Audrey was sitting beside me while creating this so I decided since she was forced to watch mama type at a computer it should at least be named after her :)


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