I am just going to start by saying that I have totally been regretting my decision to delete my last blog lately.
My previous blog (Mama Mazzone) had so many memories in it from my babies growing up, recipes, crafts, home decor etc etc etc.
I will not dwell in the past though.
Instead I am excited about this new blog and look forward to documenting more memories :)
To be honest one of the reasons I stopped blogging was
It was starting to really weird me out that complete strangers knew about my life.
Could see pictures of my children, see pictures of the inside of my house and really get to know me personally without ever actually meeting me.
I felt pretty confident in the decision of deleting the blog for a few days after I did but then I was just upset about it.
We are in the year 2012.
If it's not a blog someone will see me on Facebook, or a friends Facebook, or Instagram, or a childcare website or who knows where else.
Let's face it - we are living in a very "nosey" world.
Everyone knows every ones business anyways these days.
For me blogging is an outlet.
It allows me to vent and be creative and keep in touch with others that I don't get to see all that often.
I never knew how many people were actually reading my blog daily until I deleted it.
I had family members that I haven't seen in years emailing me saying they missed keeping up to date with my family even though we couldn't be in touch in person.
So here is to a new blog and new memories :)

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