Planning Our Girls Shared Room With Wayfair

For those of you who don't know, our daughters (8 & 6) share a bedroom.
When we originally moved into our home, the room was painted a dark green and had the most awful DIY wood shelves hung on the walls.
I knew both of those had to go, so I immediately painted the room with some left over paint we had from our last house and took the shelves down.
(Which took me 2 hours and had sore hands for days after haha)
The room isn't awful now, but there is nothing about it that any of us love.
 I don't even have pictures of the bedroom because everything is mix matched or hand me downs and its just not very visually appealing.
The girls have been asking, no, begging, for us to give them a more updated room for their Christmas gift this year.

We told them we would definitely start planning a new bedroom for them and hopefully get started on it sometime in the New Year.
I've been spending hours online at putting items together for their shared room makeover.
I don't want the room to feel matchy matchy, but I wanted to choose pieces that compliment eachother well.
I've been really drawn to golds and blues lately and luckily my girls share the same love!
Below are some of my pics from and I'm so excited to share that they are part of the Wayfair Blogger Picks!

You can click here to see just one of my many picks.
Below are all of my Blogger Picks up on their site!

Girls Shared Room
chandeliers Drexler 6-Light Sputnik Chandelier
I love this light because it is modern but the brass compliments my mid century modern furniture perfectly.
wall art Cactus Framed Graphic Art
I love the pop of colour in this fun piece!
wallpaper Goldidots Removable Polka Dot Wallpaper
I am in love with this gold dots removable wallpaper because it is a great way to add some dimension to a room without too much commitment.
mirrors Round Metal Framed Mirror
I love the simplicity of this round metal framed mirror. I plan on putting one over each of my girls night stands.
decorative pillows Throw Pillow
This throw pillow is the most perfect shade of blue!
bedding sets Bowes Comforter Set
I've been searching for white bedding that wouldn't look too boring for my daughters shared bedroom. The detail on this comforter is so pretty and exactly what I have been searching for.
AltText Product Name Blogger Description AltText Product Name Blogger Description

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