Update: Luca's Allergies

{Luca enjoying a vegan, gluten free donut from RIPE.}

It's been a while since I've talked about cutting out Dairy & Gluten.
I mentioned in this post that we discovered that our 4 year old son has a severe intolerance to casein, the protein found in dairy, and wheat.
We decided to cut dairy and gluten out completely as a family to see how this would help Luca.
After about a month, we noticed a huge difference in his behaviour and his skin had cleared up of most of his eczema.
He has been sleeping better and is far less irritable which has been AMAZING!
The girls, Louis and I stuck to the strict dairy and gluten free for a while, but eventually we started reintroducing both to the girls and Louis, which Luca was completely understanding about! 
He's been such a good sport about it all!
We made sure that when we were celebrating the girls birthdays with cake that he had his own special gluten and dairy free cake.
I'm sure it might change, but he loves getting to have his own special food.
When we order pizza, we get him gluten free crust with just the sauce and he absolutely loves it! 
He especially loves that he gets the whole pizza to himself :)
As for me, I've kept gluten out of my diet and for the most part I've been staying away from dairy.
I will occasionally have coffee with cream if I don't have access to coconut milk, which is my non dairy preference, and I occasionally sneak chocolate and ice cream.
Since eliminating gluten from my diet I've seen tremendous benefits as well! 
I'm no longer bloated and I have so much more energy! 
I've also started growing some hair back where it was thinning before and my eczema has almost completely cleared up! 
Not to mention, my weekly migraines have gone down to maybe once a month! 
Overall, finding out that Luca has these tolerances has been such a blessing to our family.
It's made me more aware of what we are putting into our bodies and we have been eating far healthier as a family.
We have been trying to stick to natural, organic foods best we can, where as before I didn't really think too much about the foods the kids ate.
Luca had a skin allergy test last week and he was tested for wheat and dairy allergies and they both came back negative.
The Dr. said we can slowly start introducing these things, but because we know he does have an intolerance to both, and we have seen such amazing results from eliminating these things, we don't plan on reintroducing them.
I've noticed even for myself, when I slipped up and ate gluten, I feel absolutely awful! 
I had a piece of cake back in January with some Pizza as a "cheat day" and I was left feeling like I had a hangover.
Bloating, headache, extreme fatigue.
That was a major sign for me, that I am much better without gluten in my system! 

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