What I'm Loving This Week

It's officially Summer!

We're celebrating the first day of Summer with a big sleepover!
I currently have 6 kids in my house and it's so much fun {and loud}

I'm beyond excited to have the kids home for two whole months.

Something I'm going to start here on the blog this Summer is a weekly round up of things I'm loving for the current week.

I did this a few years ago for a while and called it Friday Favourites and I thought it would be fun to start something similar up again.

I love this song

If you've been around me for more than five minutes you know that I love Hanson.
They've been my favourite band since eight year old me first heard Mmmbop play on MTV back in 97'
Obviously, I'm a fan club member and each year they release a members only EP for us exclusive fans {nerds} haha
This is one of their newest songs and I'm really feeling it.

 I love this nail colour.

I've been getting my nails done recently and I'm obsessed with this green I chose.

I love this show.

My biggest guilty pleasure.
I'm so excited it's back.

I love this dress.

I'm really loving florals and this cute floral dress is on sale for under $15!!
Shop it HERE

I love black interior windows.

The next home project were tackling isn't the most exciting, but it's necessary.
These black interior windows are gorgeous and I'm totally inspired by this space.

I love this lip + cheek colour.

I love a pink lip year round, but there's something about a bold pink lip in the summer that makes me feel alive!
This lip colour is also a cheek colour!
Shop it HERE

I love this Podcast.

A few years back, we sold all our belongings when we moved house.
This was so freeing and we noticed with less stuff, there was less anxiety, chaos and fighting in our home.
In The Purpose Show, Allie talks all about living life with less to live a life of purpose.

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