What i'm loving this week - 07.05.2019

Two blog posts in one day!

I know! Who am I ?!

Don't get used to it haha

Here's what I've been loving this week:

I love the beach

To be honest, before this Summer I dreaded going to the beach.
It was stressful when the kids were younger but this Summer we've already spent nearly every day at the beach.
This is about the only place my kids get along 99.9% of the time haha

I love this hat 

I was gifted this sun hat last week at an Old Navy event and it's perfect for keeping the sun off my face while I'm doing my gardening or at the beach.

You can shop it HERE

I love this song

This song has been on repeat for the last week in our house.
The kids {okay, me too} are obsessed with this song and have been trying to perfect the two step ever since they heard it for the first time.

I love this lip gloss

I purchased this lip gloss from Aveda on my trip to Oklahoma back in May and I love it! 
It's the perfect pink.

Shop it HERE

I'm loving this book

I bought this Steve Jobs book for Louis years back but he's never opened it, so I've been reading it every night before bed and so far, really enjoying it!

I love this show

I'm clearly on a reality tv kick lately haha
Yummy Mummies season 2 just released on Netflix and I 100% intend to binge watch this ridiculous show 

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