The Return of Money Smart Mom & Baby Step One

If you've been following my blog from the start, you'll remember when I used to talk a lot about saving money.
We were a young family on one income and talking money was my jam!
Somewhere along the way, I stopped talking about money.
Maybe if I had continued talking about money, I wouldn't be in the situation I am now:
in debt and no emergency fund whatsoever. 

I guess I got swept up in the world of Instagram and thinking I needed ALL the things presented to ne in that app.

I'm ready to make a change. 

So here's to talking about money again and taking you on my debt free journey with me. 

Will I still talk about fashion & beauty & travel?
I love all of those things and just because I'm on a debt free journey, doesn't mean you are! 

Maybe you are sitting comfy financially and have some wiggle room in your budget to splurge on clothes, I'll still occasionally share my favourite pieces and deals with you!
So what does this change look like? 

First of all, I'm going to be (for the most part) following Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps.
If you haven't heard of him and are looking to get on track financially, I highly suggest you look him up!

You can find his youtube channel HERE.

I'm currently reading his book "Total Money Makeover"
which you can look for at your local library or if you're like me and like to highlight your books and refer back to them, you can purchase it HERE

I actually found mine at a thrift store.
He has helped THOUSANDS of people get out of debt and build wealth by going through the baby steps.

Right now, I am on baby step one.
Building a 1,000 Emergency Fund.
This is not meant to be a substantial fund.
It's just to create a cushion should an emergency arise as your paying off debt (in baby step 2) so that you don't have to use a credit card to pay for it.
In baby step three, you create an emergency fund totaling 3-6 months of your income.

I've created the visual chart for myself below to help encourage me in the process.
If you're looking to get back on track financially as well, I'd love for you to join me in baby step one!
I'll be sharing updates on my Instagram account using the hashtag #moneysmartmom
If you share your progress, I'd love for you to tag me @kelseydianeblog so I can share and inspire others.
You can also use the hashtag #moneysmartcommunity


I'm also gearing up for another NO SPEND month in March.
You can read all about a NO SPEND month HERE.


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