I'm often asked what some of my must have tools are for my job as a "beauty influencer" 
so I did this little round up :)

SELFIE RING LIGHT TRIPOD  - Honestly, I haven't used this yet but I just ordered it because a bunch of my friends in this career love this tripod! Up until now, I've been filming my videos in natural light but I needed to up my game so I could film during the evenings in the long winter months.

BRUSH COLLECTION - These are my absolute favourite brushes EVER. I have and use every single one. 

GRACE & STELLA VANITY  - I had been searching for a light up vanity mirror for MONTHS before finding this mirror. All the other mirrors I found were way too pricey. This one is just as good as the higher priced items and I use it every single day.

PHONE TRIPOD - This phone tripod is a MUST HAVE for filming makeup videos. It's small, so its great for travel. The legs are moveable so they are great for car makeup videos. I wrap the legs around my steering wheel and I'm good to film! 

MAKEUP BRUSH HOLDER -  I didn't want my beautiful double ended brushes to be ruined while storing, so I searched high and low for the perfect solution and found it on amazon!! The brushes lay perfectly on this so the bristles don't get damaged. 

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