The gifts under our Christmas Tree look very different than they did a few years ago.
With tweens,  there's a lot less toys and a lot more gadgets. 
I've put together this gift guide for tweens for those of you in this same season of parenting.

APPLE AIRPODS  | Okay, what tween wouldn't want these? 
They are an expensive gift though & I'd want to make sure the tween I gift this to is pretty responsible for his/her belongings. 

FUNKO POP STRATEGY GAME  | This one is for the comic book/action movie lovers.

ECHO DOT SMART SPEAKER | One of my favourite parts about having tweens is that they FINALLY love to sleep after years of sleep deprivation. This is great to use to listen to their favourite music and an alarm clock. 

THROW THROW BURRITO  | Does this one even need an explanation? You can never go wrong with a super silly game.

FRIENDS LEGO SET | My tween and her friends all love FRIENDS as much as I did back in the 90s. This lego set is so fun! 

ROLLER SKATES | Aren't these retro skates SO fun? My tween has had them on her Wishlist for MONTHS.

NINTENDO SWITCH LITE | We are HUGE Nintendo fans in this house and we think your tween will be as well! Really though, any age group will love this.

LED LIGHTS | I think the trend with LED lights started on TIKTOK and it is all the rage ( does this make me sound old? haha) with tweens!!! String them along their bedroom for a super fun tween room! 

SMARTPHONE PRINTER | Remember when we were kids and we loved polaroid cameras? This is basically the equivalent for this generation of tweens/teens. 


ANIMAL CROSSING | This made the list because I want to play it with my tweens hahahahaha 

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