Things to do in Pittsburgh with Kids- Pittsburgh Childrens Museum

Last week on the blog, I shared a little bit about our family road trip to Pittsburgh, Pa.
You can check out that post HERE.
I mentioned that I would be breaking our trip up into 4 posts as we experienced way too many things, and took way too many photos to share in just one blog post.
Today, I will be sharing our trip to The Pittsburgh Children's Museum.
Can you believe we had never taken the kids to a Children's Museum before this trip?
We've been to Science Centres and Art Museums etc but never to a museum dedicated to children.

The kids were immediately intrigued by the sculptures outside the museum and as soon as we got inside we were greeted by a climbing maze.
Emma was a little too big for this, so she headed over to the MakeShop while Audrey and Luca climbed for a good half hour.

The Make Shop is a space for kids and families to create and play using every day objects! 
There was a variety of material to use from coffee filters to paper towel rolls.
Emma was totally in her element and quickly got to work creating.
She ended up making this beautiful doll using a skewer, paper, masking tape and coffee filters.

After the Make Shop, we headed into the Studio where we were greeted with the most beautiful ribbon hanging from the ceiling.
The girls found a table with water colour pencil crayons and quickly got to creating.
Luca was not in the mood to sit down and create so luckily, there was a door to a wonderful backyard right off the back of the Studio space.
Louis took Luca out to play while I stayed inside with the girls for a bit before we decided to join the boys.

After the backyard we headed up to the Attic which was an absolute favourite for everyone because of the Gravity Room.

The room is tilted at a 25 degree angle which sends conflicting messages to our brains making it hard not to slide down to the bottom of the floor.


 While we were visiting, there happened to be a travelling exhibit by famous author & illustrator , Mo Williams, that was visiting the Childrens Museum.  
We are huge fans of Mo Williams books so this was a pleasant surprise.

I have to say, this was by far the best experience in a museum we have ever had with our kids.
There was something for everyone from climbing, to building to creating. 
I'll leave you with a few more photos from the museum and I highly recommend visiting The Pittsburgh Children's Museum with your children. 

There was also a Thomas the Train exhibit while were there. 

Cozy Style & That Mama Hustle

This post contains affiliate links.

Hello, Hello.
It's a beautiful sunny September day and I'm trapped inside trying to recover from a sore hip and foot as a result of too much exercise in the wrong kinda shoes.
Sometimes, I forget to be kind to my body.
If I'm feeling tired - I need to rest.
If something hurts - I need to slow down. 
So, today instead of enjoying this gorgeous day, I'll be taking it easy in hopes of healing so I can walk without limping sometime this weekend haha.
I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite cozies that I wear to lounge around the house because my favourite joggers are on sale for a wicked good deal right now and there is a small shop that I've been dying to share with y'all. 

A few months back, Hannah of Shop Wild Blooms reached out to me asking to collaborate.
She is the sweetest new mama of a 14 month old baby girl trying to grow her business so she can be at home with her daughter.
Her story pulled at my heart strings because I know exactly what that hustle is all about.
Before I was able to monetize on this blog and take it on full time, I hustled HARD to be able to be home with my baby (eventually, babies).
When our oldest was just a baby I ran a home daycare and watched 3 other kids so I could be home with our baby girl. After a full day of home daycare,  Louis would get home from work, and I would head out the door to go work in a group home with adults with developmental disabilities so we could hustle and save all our pennies to buy our first home.
Hannah has the cutest tees with so many cute sayings - you all need to go check her out.
The cherry on top is that her tees are SO comfy too.
So the next time your looking to shop for a tee - check out her store and support this sweet entrepreneur mama! 

My fave joggers ever ( that I'm wearing in the photos above) are on sale for a steal so I've linked them and some other similar items to what I'm wearing for y'all to shop below!

Hope everyone has a great day! 


Things to do in Pittsburgh with Kids - Part 1 of 4

 A few weeks ago, we went on a little end of Summer road trip to Pittsburgh, PA.
We chose Pittsburgh because it was somewhere we have never visited before and it is only a six hour drive from us, so we could make it a weekend trip.
We went on our first long family road trip this past May to Tulsa, Oklahoma that you can read about here and here.

It's amazing how excited the kids get when we tell them we're going to be going on a road trip.
 They are almost better behaved on a long road trip then on a short trip down the road to a grocery store haha
I love that they are developing a love for travel at such a young age.
I find they learn SO much on our travels, that they would never learn about otherwise and really take it all in.

One thing the kids LOVE to see while travelling are bridges.
They are fascinated by them, so I knew they would fall in love with the Andy Warhol bride in Pittsburgh.
I was in the arts program at my high school and learned a lot about Andy Warhol, so I was really looking forward to seeing this bridge as well.
Pittsburgh is also home of the Andy Warhol museum, which we unfortunately did not get to visit this time around.

On one of our walks, Luca loved looking at all the locks on one of the Pittsburgh bridges.

While we didn't end up seeing any sports game on our trip, we made sure to stop by the stadiums and tell the kids all about Pittsburgh sports teams.
There was a Pittsburgh Steelers game going on during our trip and Luca got so excited seeing all the people on the streets wearing black and yellow.

We were blown away by the beauty of Pittsburgh. 
I really had no idea it would be so incredible driving up to the look out points.
The last time I had been so high above a city was when Louis and I went to Italy back in 2008.
It was incredible to drive so far up and look down on the city.
Only Audrey and I ended up looking out over the city while the others (who have fear of heights) waited in the car.

I plan on doing a Travel Tuesday series over the next few weeks to share more about our trip to Pittsburgh as there is way too much to share in just one post, so look for Part 2 of the series next week where I share about our trip to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum - which happens to be right next to Federal Galley - the restaurant pictured above that you MUST stop at while in Pittsburgh. 
They offer a ton of gluten free/vegan options as well which was great since Luca eats a gluten free diet.