Girls Stocking Stuffers

When I was a little girl my favourite part of Christmas morning was the Christmas Stockings awaiting my brother and I at our bedroom doors when we woke up.

I know its only October and Halloween hasn't even happened yet but I have had Christmas on my mind since the first day of September!
Every Christmas until I was about 10 , okay until I was probably 18 I would wake up at 4am.
After my dad began to catch onto this Christmas tradition of mine there was a rule put in place that my brother and I could open our stockings but we had to wait until 7 to wake up him and my step mom to open the gifts.
Being the good girl that I was I would only wake up my brother at 4 am and together we would open up our stockings ``ooooing`` and  ``aaahhing`` at each little gift we pulled out.
We were spoiled rotten at Christmas and our stockings were incredible.
They were filled with gift cards to my favourite stores
H & M
Lipglosses from MAC
Guess Watches
My favourite magazines
A new perfume
(I think I wore Dolce and Gabanna Light blue )
A Terry's Chocolate Orange
New Socks
 {we had really big and wide stockings :) }
They were the best!
We also got spoiled because we had two stockings to open - one at my dads and one at my moms!
For me it wasn't just about the amazing gifts that I received it was the Christmas magic.
The memories my brother and I shared while opening those stockings and whispering at 4am watching the movies we had just opened up in those wonderful stockings waiting for our parents to wake up where normally we wouldn't spend more than 10 minutes at a time together.
Christmas certainly is magic and I am so excited to have two little girls that my husband and I can now spoil just like my family spoiled me.
{They will get 2 to open as well because my mom makes stockings for them every Christmas :)}

Here is a list of some of the items that will be in our girls stockings this year
  1. Crayons - If our girls could choose only one activity to do for the rest of their childhood it would be colouring. They could colour all day and all night if we let them.
  2.   Lego Friends Set - Emma loves these Lego sets right now because her 7 year old cousin Isabelle introduced her to them. She is hooked.
  3. Hair Extensions -  She has asked Santa over and over and over again for hair extensions.
  4. Tangled Swatch Watch -  My husband and I stopped in a watch store while we were in Niagara on the Lake for our 4 year wedding anniversary and saw this watch and had to grab it for Emma.
  5. A Christmas Story -  Every year we put a Christmas book in the kids Stockings. This year I am going to buy a Mercer Mayer Christmas story because I remember them from my childhood.
  6. A notebook - I could have all the coolest, prettiest colouring books in our playroom but if my girls see a notebook lying around they will choose that over the colouring book any day. I like that they like a blank canvas better anyways - more creativity.
  7. Lip Smackers - Girls Love their lip gloss!
  8. Terry's Chocolate Orange - Because I got one every year in my stocking and I am passing the tradition down to our children :)
  9. A Disney Classic -  This year I am thinking DUMBO
  10. Pottery Barn Finger Printing Set - This is just so cute and fun!
  11. Christmas Ornament - Every year the girls get a Christmas ornament in their stocking, This year I bought Ariel and Tangled.
  12. Dress up Jewellery - No explanation needed.
  13. Barbie Clothes - Emma is OBSESSED with Barbies at the moment.
  14. Stickers - Because who doesn't love stickers

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