Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
Remember my post from Friday where I said I had like No pictures of
Louis & I together?
Not anymore!
Saturday morning we met up with a friend of mine who is an amazing photographer and she captured some gorgeous shots of our family and a couple of Louis and I!
We met up with her at Brooks Farm - we go every Fall for the Fall festival!
It was freezing,the kids were cranky and running in opposite directions and my hair was blowing in my face but Steph still managed to capture our family exactly the way I was hoping she would.
She even came prepared with dancing Hamster stickers for the kids when the got cranky!
(Audrey called them cats though and is still talking about them two days later)
Here are a couple of previews of the photos from Saturday.
We are on our way out this morning but I will post the rest another day :)
If you are looking for a photographer be sure to check out Steph's Photography Page.




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