Our living room over the years

Just a little over two years ago we became first time home owners and moved into a brand new 1400 square foot townhome.
It was beyond exciting to move into a blank canvas that we could put our creative hands on!

This is what the living room looked like the first 6 months ish.
No Paint - No Wall Art- TV wasting space above the mantel

Eventually we added paint colour, changed the light fixtures, added some candles and bought a TV Stand for our TV so we could utilize our mantel.
(sad to admit but we have actually gone through 4 different focus pieces above our mantel and wasted hundreds of dollars before we found the silver framed mirror from Ikea that fit just right)

Right now this is what our living room looks like.
We updated our carpet to laminate flooring , bought a $8 dollar coffee table off a Buy/Sell site, added some $3 clearance cushions and our living room is our favorite room of the house so far.
Of course I still have a million ideas in my head on how to change/update this room but for right now I'll give my husband's OCD a break and enjoy our gorgeous living space.


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