What I'm Listening To

Music is a big part of our life.
When I met Louis 8 years ago he was the singer and guitar player in a band and our girls have definitely got the music gene.
Lately we have all been loving
The Lumineers
Haven't heard of them?
You are going to fall in Love!!

{Audrey(age 2) is obsessed with this song! She sings along in her little baby voice
"Hey" "ho"}

I first heard the song "Ho Hey" on Edge 102.1 {Toronto radio station}
and instantly was hooked but sort of figured the rest of the CD wouldn't be as good.
I was wrong!
I love every song on the CD.

{this is my fave song on the CD right now}

{Emma's new obsession - seriously my 3 year old makes me put this on repeat in the car and she is always asking if she can meet flapper girl one day!}

What bands are you listening to lately?


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