Life Lately

Life lately has consisted of many naps!
Before kids I was never a napping kind of gal.
I felt if I napped I would be waisting the day!
I guess I passed this trait on to our first born Emma because since birth this girl was too cool for napping.
Our poor baby  big girl has had a high fever the past 4 days though and has been napping pretty much all day every day.
All those days I wish she would just rest for half an hour and now that's all she's doing and I wish she would go back to being her normal non napping self.
Today her fever is not as hot as it has been!
Lets hope this is the end of whatever she has.
We have been watching The Muppets a LOT.
Probably at least once a day.
Our youngest Audrey is obsessed!!!!
She calls it the muh-mutts.
And asks for it about 10 times a day by either saying
"Mama, Muh-mutts??"
"Mama, Movie??"
I never posted about this but a couple of weeks ago my best friend got married!!
It was such a wonderful weekend away and she looked absolutely stunning!!!!
This is my favourite picture because we are all just having such a great time :)
That is pretty much all we have been up to lately :)
It's been nice to not have so many plans and just really enjoy each and every day.
What have you been up to lately?


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