Valentines Day Books For Kids

The other day I wrote a post about inexpensive Valentines Day Dates to go on with your Daughters.
Today I wanted to share with you some great Valentines Day Books to read to your children.

Where is Baby's Valentine? by Karen KatzAges 1 & Up

Counting Kisses by Karen Katz
Ages 1 & up

My Heart Is Like a Zoo by Michael HallAges 0 - 5


Snuggle Puppy! A little love song by Sandra Boyton
Age up to 2 years

Last but not least  is actually our FAVORITE book to read together as a family here in the Mazzone Home.

You Are My Cupcake by Joyce WanAges 0 and up

What is your favorite book to read to your child(ren) on Valentines day?


Inexpensive Valentine Dates to go on with your Daughters

One of the things I looked forward to before becoming a mom was the day I would get to spoil my children at each and every moment I could.
Now that I have been a mom for 4 years I realise that it is not necessary to spoil your kids each and every chance you get.
The first 2 Valentines Days Emma ever celebrated she was spoiled with over $100 worth of pointless gifts that probably had never even been used and have since been tossed away.
(How many stuffies does one child need, right?)
I have learnt to be more practical in my gift giving with our children.
Valentines Day is a cute Holiday but it also arrives the month after we have just celebrated the girls birthdays and the month before that Christmas (so basically the thought of another toy entering this house makes me cringe!!!)
 So this year I have come up with a few ideas for some practical memory making dates for under $25 per child.

Movie Date
My girls LOVE going to the movies and it is not something that we do often.
Buy tickets in advance (we have cheap Tuesdays where we live where kids 3 and up are under $5 and kids under 3 are free) make or buy some pink popcorn to have set out on the table for your kids to come down to on Valentines morning.
(You could easily turn this into a boys gift by making blue popcorn! So many good recipes on pinterest)

Mani & Ice Cream Date
What girl doesn`t love getting her nails done or eating Ice Cream
I have yet to meet one who doesn`t!
Many nail Salons will do your little princesses nails for $5 and under! Just call around.
What a fun memory making date - getting all pampered and then going to enjoy ice cream :)

Cooking Class Date
One of my favourite things to do with my daughters is bake in the kitchen!
How much fun would it be taking a Valentine Themed Cooking Class with your Little ones for a Valentines Day Date?
If you live in Ontario Presidents Choice offers Cooking Classes for kids starting at only $9!!
Presidents Choice Cooking School


Shopping Date!
I don`t know about all 2 & 4 year olds but my girls LOVE clothes!!!
They love love love love love going shopping and they especially love when they get to come home with something pink to wear! Right now there are so many sales in stores so it is great timing!
The outfit above is from Old Navy and the top is on sale for only $8.96 and bottoms are only $11.96!!!!


Some Explaining To Do

I have some explaining to do....
I have been MIA from this blog for a little over 2 months..oops!
While Ive been gone Ive been busy being
I'm about 18.5 weeks now.
Our two girls Emma & Audrey couldn`t be happier to have another sibling entering our family!!
Emma tells everyone she sees that
her "mama is having another baby"

Now for a fun pregnancy survey that I will try to do every week on here.

How far along are you
18.5 weeks!!
3rd pregnancy is going by soo fast
Maternity ClothesI can still wear regular tops but all maternity pants now except for leggings
Stretch MarksNo new ones
SleepIs great still thank goodness :)
Best Moment of the WeekHearing the baby`s heartbeat at my Dr`s appointment Thursday!
144 ..both girls never went below 160`s...boy possibly hmmm
MovementFinally started feeling movement this week! This baby is giving me grey hairs already. I had already felt both girls long before 18 weeks.
Food CravingsPopsicles! Avocado! Felafel's wraps with Hot Sauce! Poutine from Harvey's!
Food AversionsSuch an odd aversion but Italian food.
I usually love home cooked Italian meals from hubby's mama but this pregnancy I don't even want to look at it!
Labor SignsNo! And hopefully not for another 20 weeks at least!
What I missBeing able to do winter type activities like tobogganing...especially on a snowy day like today!
What I`m looking forward toMy ultrasound on Valentines day :)
Going to find out the gender!!
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