Design Plans for New Shared Girls Room

Since we have sold our house we have been thinking of new design ideas for the girls shared room with the input of our oldest daughter, Emma.
We know it will be a big adjustment for the girls, Emma especially, leaving her first home and room to move into her Grandparents home.
We wanted her to know that her and her sisters new room would be just as special as her current room.
She decided she wanted a pink and aqua themed room.
We have made a few small purchases already and have been pinning away tons of fun ideas.

I can't wait to get started on their room!
We have a beautiful Maple Desk stored at Louis Parents house that we are going to Paint a bright Aqua colour just like in the inspiration above.
I also love the idea of curtains instead of a door for the closet!
We decided we are going to go with bunk beds to save on space.
We are going to look for a bunk with a full bed on the bottom because I have a hunch the girls are going to want to sleep in the same bed.


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