Pregnancy Update....It's a......

It has been over a month since my last blog post!!
I have not been the best blogger lately.
In my defence - I have had a lot going on!
I have been working more hours at work and we just sold our house!
Lots of big changes in the future that I am really excited about :)
Plus I have been going to bed by 8 pm - life of a mama to 2 kids under age 4 with one on the way!
We found out on Valentines Day that we are having our first
We are over the moon excited!!!! I couldn't believe it when they told us at the ultrasound and my husband even had tears in his eyes he was so thrilled!!!
Emma couldn't be more excited and Audrey is too young to understand that she will soon have someone to share her love of trains and cars :)
Here is a quick pregnancy update.

Big Sister Emma Kissing Baby

 How far along are you
25 weeks
Maternity ClothesAre a MUST
Stretch MarksNo new ones...but my tummy is really itchy! Hope this doesn't mean more are in the making.
SleepNo Issues
Best Moment of the WeekFeeling baby's kicks - I think baby has been feet down up until this week and I could only feel muffled really low movements before.
A lot more movement this week! Finally!Food CravingsNone really
Food AversionsNo food aversions anymore!
This mama has a full appetite now :)
Labor SignsLots of cramping for the past couple of weeks when I do too much activity!
Must be braxton hicks.
What I missHaving a full wardrobe to choose from
What I`m looking forward toFirst OB appointment on Wednesday



  1. Hey lady!! You look great!! Its so exciting we are having boys!! yay!!!

    PS i am trying to follow you on insta by clicking on the side bar, but cant get through :(

    1. Thanks Mama!
      So exciting we are both having boys!!! It will be a whole new experience.
      oh no..I will try to fix the link :)


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