I've been a Mama for FIVE years!

 January 27th, 2009
This was the day my life changed forever.
This was the day I gave life to the most beautiful little girl I had ever layed eyes on.
This was the day I became a mother.
This little bundle of joy, who we named Emma Antoinette,turned FIVE years old this past Monday.
She has taught me and challenged me more in these past 5 years then I ever could have thought possible.
She has also shown me unconditional love, passion and patience.
She is stubborn and creative and would rather spend all day writing songs or creating  then playing barbies like most other girls her age.
She is truly amazing and lights up any room she walks in to!
My wish for Emma is that she never changes.
I hope she keeps being the dreamer that she is and keeps being the unique energetic creative  lovable girl that she is! 
This year on her birthday all she asked for was to get the day off school and spend it with me :)
Okay, she may have requested a couple of monster high dolls as well.
So wish granted I kept her home from school and took her on a girls day just her and I.
We also ate cake for breakfast - yum!
She asked if we could spend the day swimming.
I took her to the local pool and we stayed until our fingers turned into prunes!
After swimming we met up with my mom for lunch at East Side Mario's.
Noni spoiled Emma and brought her balloons, candy jewellery, puzzles, card games, a rose pen, and her new favorite snow globe!
After lunch Emma asked to go see our dog Miley over at Papa`s house.
We went over to Grandma and Papas had some tea and lemon cake and snuggled with Miley.
It was a beautiful day!!
And now for picture overload!



A while ago I mentioned that we had sold our first house to move in with my dad to save up to buy our dream house.
We lived with my dad for only a couple of months before I realised that living with my parents was not going to work for a long period of time.
They welcomed us with open arms and accommodated us more than we deserved but I couldn't help feeling paranoid or uncomforable about how much we were affecting their lives.
Our kids are LOUD and wake up early and want to sing and play guitar at hours when people are usually asleep.
They never complained but I just felt better about looking to move forward.
We thought about it a lot and came to the conclusion that it would not be smart to buy in our dream locaiton.
It would leave us house poor and stressed.
After lots of thinking we decided the neighborhood we originally moved out of was actually a pretty great neighborhood.
Friendly neighbors, young families, beautiful parks, a school, a short commute to malls and hospital etc.
So we bought another house, a new build, right back where we were in the first place.
Live & Learn.
Our house should be done by mid May and we are so excited to have a brand new house to make our own.
Because we bought a new house we got to choose all the colours for our interior!!
This time we went with my dream white kitchen and I cannot wait to see how it looks!!!
I have been pinning like crazy since we bought the house.
Here are some of my favorite white Kitchens.

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