Luca Henry Update

Each time that I've been pregnant I make a promise to myself.
I promise that I am going to take photos of the baby each month so we can look back on their first year of life.
We've had 3 kids and I've failed doing this 3 times.
I'm okay with it though.
I've accepted the fact that I'm not one of those moms who is good at things like printing off pictures and displaying them.
I take the pictures but that's about as far as it goes. 
I guess that's the good thing about blogging, instagram and all other social media platforms.
I think we all tend to put too much pressure on ourselves though when it comes to taking photos. 
We feel the need to capture EVERYTHING.
Back when  I was a little girl I'm pretty sure my mom didn't feel the need to take photos of the plates of food we were eating or of every new outfit she bought us.
I'm also certain that she didn't take 25 pictures a day of us.
People used to take pictures at birthday parties, first day of school, the big important stuff was captured on camera.
Today moms feel guilty if they don't have photobooks printed for every month of the year.
It's a pretty ridiculous pressure to feel.
Our kids may not have monthly pictures of their childhood but I know they will have fantastic memories of all the fun we have which is just as awesome to me!
I've kind of lost track of the original reason why I am writing this post....
I haven't done an update on Luca since he was 2 months old!!!
He has changed so much since then!
Luca is 7 months old now!!!
Since then he has started eating solid foods, sitting up, crawling, STANDING UP and grew two very very sharp teeth!
He is such an amazing little boy already!
He's very easy going and is my most cuddly baby which I am taking advantage of every opportunity I can!
He also has an appetite of a teenage boy which is way different from our girls.
I am enjoying every moment of him being a baby because I know all too well how fast kids grow up.


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