Living Small

I've mentioned a few times on this blog that we are waiting for our house to be built.
I don't know if I mentioned though how teeny tiny the home we purchased is.
When we bought it we realised 1300 square feet and 3 bedrooms isn't a lot of space for a family of 5.
Our first townhouse was 1400 square feet and truth be told, I complained about the size A LOT.
And now I have bought another townhouse even smaller than our first home.
This past year has been one big eye opener.
I'm a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason.
I really think the purpose of us selling our first house was to show us how incredibly greedy we were.
We bought our first house when I was 20 and Louis was 23.
How many people can say that?!
Things we complained about were that it was way too small, that it was a 15 minute drive to the nearest mall, that the schools weren't great.
boo hoo.
Looking back now I can see that we were those greedy entitled me me me generation complainers.
I remember being at a church group with on of the ladies I work with and talking to an incredible woman who had 5 children and lived in a 2 bedroom house for 30+ years.
She said they were the happiest years of her life.
It's no secret that my whole life I've wanted to grow up, get married and have 4+ children and live the domestic life.
I've never been one to dream to travel the world or have an amazing career.
I wanted to marry my best friend, have his babies and be there to raise them.
My calling in life has always been to be a mother first and now that I am living out that dream and have had some life learning experiences I am putting that role first in all decision making.
We bought a small house again because we realised that although 1300 square feet is a bit tight with a family of 5 it allows to live without struggling too much financially.
It is a roof over our families head - a place to make memories and a place to call home.
Yes, our children are going to have to share bedrooms but I`m okay with that and our girls are actually thrilled about it.
I am so looking forward to moving into our 2nd home and this time to really understand how lucky we are to be able to call it ours.
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