Easy powder room update

   I am so not on top of this blogging thing. I am also not as on top
of making our new house a home as I was hoping I would be 5 months in but we are slowly getting there. A couple of weekends ago we decided to tackle our powder room. It is the smallest room in our house and therefore the easiest and most adorable to transform :) It is also the bathroom that we all rush in and out of in the mornings so we needed it to be functional for rushed school mornings and we needed it fast. We bought our house brand new which means we had the opportunity to choose all the standard bathroom tiles ourselves. We chose a beige floor tile from the standard selections because honestly there wasn't much else to chose from that was neutral. We love grays, blues & whites so we had this sort of color scheme in mind when choosing a paint color. We went to Sherwin Williams and asked to see the greys with a beige hue in it. After going back and forth we ended up going with a grey called city loft. It is the perfect balance of grey and beige to tie in with our beige floor tiles. Next to tackle we're the dreaded builder bathroom fixtures. My Advice for new home purchasers - have it written in your contract to exclude all builder fixtures! It will save you lots of hassle down the road. They either silicone or cement them on which makes a mess and requires a little
Muscle to remove. 

Above are the builders towel and toilet paper roll fixtures for our powder room. Below is how I removed them. There is probably a much more effective way of doing so but I had limited tools and when I get an idea in my head I need to get it done! :)! Since the fixtures are either cemented or siliconed to the wall I knew I needed to break the seal. I had a putty knife laying right beside me and it was thin enough to fit behind the fixtures so I used that and my teeny tiny muscles to break the seal. 

Unfortunately because of the way the builders install the bathroom fixtures your going to end up with holes in the wall. Luckily mine weren't as bad this time as they were in my last house but I did have some damage to repair. I used DryDex spackling because I love how it goes on pink and turns white when it is dry.  After the paint went on we went shopping
for some simple art and organization pieces. Our biggest obstacle with 5 of us in a 1300 square foot house is storage and keeping clutter free. We bought an adorable medicine cabinet with a fun pop of colour to keep all our medicine/band aids/hair tyes etc organized. Here is the end result of our simple powder room makeover. It's hard to tell from the pictures that there is a change in paint colour but the builders paint was a lot more yellowy beige and the after is as grey-beige. Our 5 year old walked In the bathroom after it was done and said "wow! It actually looks like a bathroom now". It's great how a new coat of paint and a few accessory changes can transform a powder room.  The total cost of our powder room was right around $150. 

Budget Breakdown 

- Paint - 
Shwerwin Williams City Loft 
I forget the exact amount but let's say $50. 

- Medicine Cabinet - 
Ikea - Gunnern $39.99 

- Toilet Paper Holder - 
Ikea - Lillholmen $9.99 

- Stainless Steel Toilet Brush - 
Ikea - Barren $7.99 

- Metal Bucket Garbage Pail - 
Dollarama - $3 

- Floating Shelf - 
Target - on clearance for $4.99 

- Stainless Steel Towel Hook - 
Ikea - can't find the name but believe it was $8.99 for 2 of them 

- Octopus Art - 
Target - I believe it was around $26.99  

Grand total - $151.94 
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