Are they all yours?

Are they all yours? 

I get asked this question nearly every day.
At the grocery store, at dance class, I was even asked this in my own home last week when I had a repair man in. 
When I answer that they are in fact all mine I usually get a disapproving look or a look of pity. 
Sometiemes If I'm lucky enough I get some really ignorant person following the original question up with "have you not figured out what's been causing this yet?"
It's so sad to me that people can't imagine that I actually chose this lifestyle. 
You see we live In a very selfish time where wants outweigh our needs and happiness is measured in material things so naturally it looks like I am failing in this game called life because I have to sacrifice my wants for my "large" family. 
Of course I'm aware that if we didn't have three kids and just stopped at one we could be making yearly trips to disney or living In a much bigger house. 
But everyone has a different path in life. If you never dreamed of growing up and being called mommy/daddy I'm not going to judge you so please don't judge me. 
I'm exactly where I always hoped I would be.  
I'm living my dream of being a young mother to a large(r) family with an amazing husband. 
I never longed to travel the world or to be a career woman and I shouldn't apologize for that.   
The togetherness, the big family dinners, holidays surrounded by many loved ones are dreams I had. 
Of course not every day is a picnic and you may see me looking frazzled more often than not but isn't that the case in everyone's life no matter how many children they have or don't have. 
The chaos is comforting for me and I love that everyday I get to wake up and spend my days raising these wonderful children that I was so blessed with. 
I may be living a simple life but my heart is full. 



  1. I get asked this question a lot too since i have 4 boys. I love my larger family


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