Girls Weekend in Coburg & Port Hope

Hello Bloggy World.
It's been a while.
Life has been crazy lately and today was the first day we had absolutely nothing to do in a long while and it felt great.
This past week our daughter went for Strabismus surgery, something we have been working towards for almost 5 years and I am so relieved that its done and over with, but more on that in another post.
Today I want to post about a girls weekend I went on back in May with some of the most incredible women I know.
A few years back my mom, aunt, cousin and I started a Mothers Day tradition where we get together and do something fun just us girls around mothers day. 
I am such a lover of tradition and even more so when it involves three of the most fun, beautiful and inspiring women that I am lucky enough to call my family.
Last year we did shopping and lunch at Shops at Don Mills which was a lot of fun.

2014 Mothers Day

This year we did something a little different. 
We combined our Mothers Day tradition with a tradition of my Nanis (my moms mom).
My Nani is 1 of 5 girls and every year the 5 sisters would go on some amazing trip.
I believe they've travelled everywhere together from China to Italy and I've always loved hearing their stories. 
Now that the sisters are getting older and can't travel the world like they used to, they do their yearly trip somewhere close by.
Last year, a new tradition was born when my mom and a few of the cousins went up and crashed their sisters weekend. 
It was such a success that this year the invite extended to daughters of the sisters daughters (have you lost me yet?) 
We stayed in a beautiful Inn right on the beach in Coburg and ate at a beautiful rustic restaurant on a golf course with some of the most incredible women I've ever met.
There were so many laughs and inspiring stories.
I met cousins and aunts that I've never met before and heard many stories of the good old days from the sisters.
I left feeling so inspired and blessed to have come from such a beautiful line of women.
On the way home we stopped in a beautiful town called Port Hope to do some shopping.
It was absolutely beautiful and I plan to go back with the kids and husband this summer.


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