Doodle Bike

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that I was the lucky winner of 
the Doodle Bike Giveaway that Social Common was hosting.
I was SO excited to win this because our sweet little Audrey was way overdue for a big girl bike, so the timing was perfect. I brought Audrey and the other kids with me to pick up the bike and I've never seen Audrey so excited for a new bike! What 4 year old (or dad - see photo below...haha) can resist a bike that you get to colour on?? We waited for my husband to get home and started doodling away!
Audrey loved that she got to personalise her bike and she was so happy to let us add some art on her bike as well. She rides her bike every chance she gets and we have had so many people stop us and ask where they can get one of these wonderful bikes. The bike comes with a variety of markers and a spray to wash the marker off after so you can create a new look over and over. The only problem I have with this bike is that now all my kids want one!! haha 
Looks like I need to invest in a couple more.
The doodle bike is available at 
Canadian Tire for all those that want to go out and grab one.


My big Girls

Our children are growing up faster than I would like.
I can't believe that come September, I will have two school aged girls.
When they were little and home with me I thought this seemed like a million years away and now it's almost here.
It really is bitter sweet. 
I'm going to soak in every bit of this summer with my girls and little man.


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