I found these photos of Audrey in the drafts of my blog.
I took these back in the summer before she started kindergarten.
It makes me a little sad to look at these photos because it reminds me how quickly my children are growing.
When these photos were taken I was my daughters only teacher.
She looked to me to teach her everything she knows and now she's in school 5 days a week learning a world of wonderful things from someone else.
She has all new influences from teachers and friends and although she still needs her mommy she has a whole  classroom of support to encourage her to learn and grow into the person she will one day become.
She is adjusting so well to this new environment and even asks if she is allowed to go to school on the weekends.
At home she loves to write in her notebook and practice spelling her friends names.
She loves teaching her little brother about space and asks everyone she knows if they knew that the Sun is actually the brightest star. 
I hope your love for learning never fades little one. 


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