My Favourite Band Part 2- The Hanson Experience

Here is Part Two to My Favourite Band post I wrote a couple of days ago.

I left off saying my friend and I made arrangements for our 7 children so we could spend our Thanksgiving weekend with our favourite band, Hanson.
The concert wasn't until 7 but we headed downtown for 11am so we could get ready and get in line.

              {Subway Selfie - It's not often we get a weekend sans kids }

We arrived downtown to the condo we were spending the weekend in and spent a good two hours picking out our outfits and doing our hair and make up. 

Around 1pm we headed to the concert venue to scope out the line situation as we saw on Instagram that people started camping out the night before!
Seriously guys - being a Hanson Fan is no Joke.
When we arrived the line up was already around the corner. 
The people at the front of the line had numbers on their hands to hold their places in line.
Basically an unwritten Fanson rule - these ladies got first dibs on front row.
I had heard horror stories about these hardcore Hanson Fans but I ended up dancing with the ladies in the front row and had a great time!We knew we were about to be waiting for a long time but it was worth it. 
We wanted to be as close to our favourite band as possible.
We quickly became friends with two ladies in line who were from Michigan and an older fan and her friend from about an hour south of Toronto.
I don't think we were waiting more than 45 minutes when a car pulled up in front of where we were in line.
My heart went into my stomach thinking this could be Hanson, the band I had been in love with for 18 years.
The door opened and out came Paul McDonald, former American Idol, and opening act for Hanson.

Paul was super nice and posed for photos with a few of us waiting in line.
About 20 minutes later a Suburban pulled up and I just knew this was my favourite band.
Out came Issac, Taylor & Zac and I practically reverted
 to my 8 year old self again.
I was totally star struck but high on adrenaline I gained the courage to go up to them and ask for a photo.
Taylor said "um,not right now."
18 years of dreams shattered.
To be fair,  I may have said 
"I'm fan girling so hard right now"
 before I asked him for the photo.
Seriously, what is wrong with me?!
Zac and Issac were willing to pose with a few of us.

                {Zac and I - How Stoked do I Look? }
{My Friend Adriana & Zac }

{Issac and I }

The next 4 or however many hours we waited to get into The Pheonix concert
venue went by so fast because we had FINALLY met our favourite band after 18 long years so we had a lot to talk about.
The first night of the tour, which was called Roots and Rock N Roll, featured cover songs.
If I'm being honest, I wasn't that excited for the cover night.
I know they do amazing covers but I just wanted to hear my favourite Hanson Songs.
These boys did not disappoint though and put on a killer show and we managed to be Second Row!
**Singing** "Then After the Show, It's the After Party" **Singing**
Now R.Kelly is stuck in my head, but seriously, Taylor Hanson hosted an after party after the first show.
It was interesting to say the least.
It was mostly a bunch of women standing staring at Taylor like he was a God which was honestly pretty uncomfortable.

For those of us who decided to dance to the DJ set and have a good time it was great!

Day 2 Hanson hosted their Take The Walk Campaign where they do a 1mile barefoot walk with fans to raise money for poverty.
We missed the walk due to a sick little one but made sure to be in line early again for the second night of Hanson Originals.

{Waiting in Line Night 2}

We met some fans who flew all the way from the Philippines and Calgary to see the boys perform.
I told you these Fans are the real deal.

{New Friends}

The Second Night of the tour was all I hoped and dreamed for.
They played old songs, new songs, songs they don't usually play and I danced like it was my job.
I danced so hard that my feet were bleeding and I couldn't even count how many blisters I had covering my feet and it was all worth it.
After the show a bunch of fans were crowded outside and we had to see what the fuss was about.
Apparently Hanson usually greets their fans after the show.
Seriously? As if I needed another reason to love these guys aside from their music.
They really care about their fans.
We waited in line for about half hour and eventually the guys came out to greet us fans.
I want to say their were at least 100 of us and the guys made sure to spend time with each and every fan saying hello and taking photos.
I even got into a conversation about Super Nintendo with Zac.

{Taylor coming out of the bus}

{My friend, Adriana, and Zac }

{Taylor and Adriana} 
I didn't get any good photos of the band and I the second night but I'm totally okay with that because I got to talk a bit with them and it was honestly a night I will never forget! 
As we were leaving we ran into our American Friends we made while waiting in line for night 1 and we were saying how we wished we got a photo of the 4 of us.
  Zac was standing near by and overheard and offered to take a photo for us.
Seriously ?!? What a cool guy.
The photo made me appear to be about 2x my normal size but my first ever celebrity crush took it so Its a photo I will forever cherish!
Thanks Hanson for an amazing weekend filled with amazing music.
Please come back soon.

{The photo Zac took of us}

I know I've probably convinced you to check out what Hanson has been busy doing since Mmmbop so Here is where you can find them.
I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Taylor Hanson's Wife also has a cute family blog about her life homeschooling their 5 beautiful Children that I know my readers will love.

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