The real and The Messy

I posted a photo of my husband and I this morning on instagram and used hashtags like 
#bestfriends and #10yearsoflove.
When we posed for these photos it was early morning we were smiling, goofing off and everything was just dandy.
Fast forward to the afternoon, 1 outing at a restaurant with 3 kids 7 & under, 1 grocery shop with same 3 kids & a few tantrums later and these photos wouldn't quite have looked the same.
Our two year old was running around the restaurant like a maniac, our 6 year old thinks she has the meanest parents in the whole world and was sure to let us hear about it (no candy is not an appropriate lunch choice) and our 4 year old can be sent into a meltdown just looking at her lately.
As much as I love these little kiddos they can really test our marriage.
Life isn't always beautiful and marriage isn't always perfect.
It's real and messy and it takes a lot of work.
I can go from thinking "how in the world did I get so lucky?" to "What possessed me to marry this man" in the same minute but how boring would life be if everything was perfect all the time.
When it really comes down to it he is my partner in crime, he has been by my side in good times and bad and knows me better than anyone.
We made a promise to each other that we would work together more as a team, communicate more about our needs and put our marriage first.
After all, first comes love then comes baby.
And what good are we to our children if we don't work on our love first.


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