Leap Year Sales 2016

Happy Leap Year!
How cool is it that we get one extra day!
Another cool thing about this extra day?
Seriously - this is a real thing!!
Leap Years only come around once every Four Years so lets take advantage of these sales!
I've put together a list of sales happening for Leap Year along with some of my favourite items.
Happy Shopping :)

They have a whole bunch of great stuff $29 and under right now.

{Fanny packs are making a comeback right? The 6 year old me sure hopes so}

I have to get this Tee for my husband.
He had this exact poster hanging in his room back when we were teenagers and dating.

The previous owner of our house had a thing with hanging plants.
There are hooks in the ceiling in every room of our house.
This would be perfect over my desk.

Get 40% off your purchase using the code GAPLEAP

Im obsessed with this Jacket.

I'm in love with these draw string button up denim trousers.
I will be buying these for my little guy.

Have you guys tried the Gap Fit Line?
I was gifted a pair of their pants and I'm OBSESSED.
I love the fun colour on these Capris.

Take 29% off your purchase online using the code FOURYEARS

My girls love music and this tee would be perfect for them this Spring.

Does this come in my size? How adorable is this?

I LOVE this dress.
Im a huge fan of maxi dresses and I love the longer Tee sleeve on this one.

Spend $50 save 10%
Spend $75 Save 20%
Spend $100 Save 25%

Because everyone needs a pair of Nude Pumps.

Perfect match to any dress this Spring.

I could live in a good Chambray Dress year round.

Spinach & Parmesan Scrambled Eggs


Spinach & Parmesan 
Scrambled Eggs

4 Eggs
5 Cups of Raw Spinach
2 tbs Olive Oil 
Parmesan Cheese 

Cooking Directions

In a small bowl whisk Eggs and add Salt & Pepper.
In a frying pan heat Olive Oil over medium heat.
Add Spinach to heated oil and cook until Spinach has wilted.
Add Eggs to Spinach mix and stir until set.
Eat and Enjoy.

{I served it on an English Muffin with Fresh Blueberries...soooo delicious }


Light Flooring Love

A few months ago we bought an older home that is in need of a little TLC and I'm dying to get started on some renovations. 
The past few months were spent taking care of some boring stuff like plumbing and calling pest control to get rid of an ant infestation 
(seriously....YUCK...my biggest nightmare)
 but now I'm ready to move on to the pretty stuff. 

The floors are pretty awful in our new house.
Whoever lived here previously must of loved brown because everything in here from kitchen cabinets to wall paint to floor choices are shades of brown. 
Not my cup of tea.

Upstairs we have this brown shaggy carpet and one bedroom this orangey laminate.

In our main living area there is a mix of creamy tile, brown laminate and dirty grey Berber carpet. 

Mostly everyone I've consulted with about switching up our flooring says I should go with a darker hardwood or laminate but being the rebel that I am 
... haha ... 
I obviously want to go with the complete opposite.
Something like a whitewashed hardwood or light grey laminate and carry it all throughout the house.
Below are some pins I've saved recently that have inspired me.
I'd love to hear from anyone who has light flooring in their home.
Do you love it? Hate it? Any advice?
Tell me all about it in the comments below or on my Instagram.

                                                                       Happy Friday <3


Valentines Day is right around the corner and today my husband is sharing his top Valentine's Day picks with you!
My husband is a sentimental guy and we usually just write mushy cards to each other but this year I wanted to get him something special.
It's been a busy year and he deserves something he really loves for being the selfless guy that he is.
He came up with this list of his favourite items and I hope it gives you some ideas for the guy in your life.


What are your favourite Valentine Picks?


Perfect Valentines Day Gifts - Baby Girl Edition

It seems like everyone around me is either pregnant or just had a baby.
My youngest baby girl just turned five yesterday and I'm having a pretty hard time accepting the fact the my babies aren't really babies anymore.
I spent the majority of the day yesterday looking at old baby photos and swooning over all things baby.
So much has changed in the baby market since I became a mommy for the first time seven years ago.
Guys, baby stuff is SO much nicer now!!
One of my favourite online baby boutiques is Bonjour Baby Baskets.
They are a Toronto based shop and I can't wait for the next baby shower I'm invited to so I can gift a new mom to be one of their luxury gift baskets.
If you haven't checked out their boutique yet I highly suggest you do.
I love that each basket is filled with luxurious products made by different brands.
You can customize your own basket here or if your life is as busy as mine you can choose from one of the already made baskets for girlsboys or gender neutral

Valentines Day is around the corner and I know when my girls were babies I wouldve loved to spoil them with one of these beautiful baskets. 
 I put together some of my favourite baby girl items from the shop above and Bonjour Baby Baskets is offering my readers 20% off  when you use the promo code "kelseydianeblog"
available until Feb.16.2016



And just like that you are five.
I blinked and you are five!
I remember the moment you entered this world like it was yesterday.
And now you are five.
You are beautiful both inside and out.
You have the kindest heart and always put others before yourself.
You see the positive in everything and teach me to be a more loving person everyday.
You have the most contagious belly laugh.
My one wish for you is that you always stay exactly who you are.
Know that I love you.
So so so so Much.
Forever & Always.
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