Say Goodbye to Harmful Bacteria Living in Your Bathroom with Clorox

Do you guys enjoy cleaning?
I know there are some of you who actually enjoy cleaning, and once upon a time I was a newlywed who thought keeping a clean home was just the most exciting thing EVER. 
Fast forward 8 years of marriage and three kids later and the novelty of keeping a perfectly clean home has worn off.
I try to avoid cleaning for as long as I possibly can, especially the toilet!
Being a family of five means that the toilet is one place that needs to be cleaned often, which is why I was thrilled when Clorox sent me their new Disinfecting Toilet Wand. 

Guys, this thing is A to the Mazing!
I am never cleaning a toilet with a regular old toilet brush again. 

Each starter kit comes with
1 Storage Caddy 
1 Disinfecting Toilet Wand Handle 
6 Single-Use Disposable, Disinfecting Cleaning Head Refills

The Toilet Wand is white and sleek and looks great in our washroom.
The wand clicks right into the cleaning heads that are stored inside the caddy, which are already preloaded with Clorox toilet bowl cleaner. 
All I had to do was click, clean & toss my way to a clean and sparkly toilet!
Easy Peasy!
I only wish this product was available 7 years ago when my first baby was born!
I don't know what it is about my kids, but they are attracted to anything unsanitary in our home, the toilet brush included.
No need to worry now about our two year old touching any harmful bacterias that live on our traditional toilet brush.
If you are a mama bear worried about your children touching nasty toilet germs like I am, then you need to give this product a try!

Thanks to #CloroxCanada for the samples and gift card in exchange for this review.



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