Snow day

Yesterday we were hit with a big Winter Storm.
The snow was so high you could hardly see my husband's Fiat in the driveway.
I practically jumped for Joy when I looked out the window and saw all that white stuff.
There was too much snow to make our commute into work, so my husband and I kept the kids home from school for a SNOW DAY!
Snow Days are even better as an adult then they were for me as a kid.
I usually had to go to school when the buses were cancelled because my mom and dad had to go to work.
My husband and I both commute a 45 minute drive away from our jobs, so if the weather is ugly, we don't risk it.
I love any opportunity to have one extra day home with my husband and three kids.
We started our day by taking the kids to the Community Centre for the public swim.
My kids are fish! They absolutely love being in the water.
After swimming, we came home to have lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and doing crafts.
It was a perfect day.

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