Promoting Healthier Breakfast Choices By Prepping Ahead

Mornings with young children can be chaotic! 
Even when I've prepared lunch the night before, I'm usually rushing around in the mornings making sure school bags are packed, teeth are brushed, and looking everywhere for my toddlers missing shoe before we rush out the door.
Seriously - anyone else's toddler shoes just disappear? 
We've lost TWO pairs in the past month.
The last thing I want to worry about is preparing a big meal, but my kids are BIG morning eaters.
They are always starving when they wake up!
It would be easy to just feed them big bowls of sugary cereal, and don't get me wrong sometimes I do, but I prefer them to have a healthy start to the day!
I started making Prep Ahead Smoothie Packs a couple months ago and now they are a staple in our home!
My kids LOVE smoothies.
I don't even have to hide that I'm putting spinach in them, they love them that much!
To make my mornings easier, I prep all the fruit I need for the smoothies ahead of time and freeze them using Glad's FreezerWare containers. 
All I have to do in the morning is take them out of the freezer and pop them in my blender with some milk for a quick, nutritious smoothie!
I usually serve a bagel and cream cheese or some toast and peanut butter with the smoothie.

Add one cup of spinach, half a banana and a cup of fruit(s) of choice.

When I've cut up all the fruit I just add it to Glad FreezeWear Containers and put in the freezer. Super Easy!

I'm always looking for ways to make chaotic school mornings go a little bit smoother. 
What are some tips that work for you?


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