First Day Of Summer Break

Happy First Day of Summer Vacation! 
The day started off great! 
We let the kids stay up way too late last night, and they all slept in! 
You guys - this NEVER happens. 
Usually if we let them stay up too late it backfires and they're up an hour earlier.
 After breakfast, I had them write a journal entry in their summer journals listing some things they hope to do this summer and draw a picture about it. 
I was anticipating complaints on the idea of doing "school type work" on the first day of summer vacation but they loved it!
I even sent a text to my husband that said something along the lines of 
"Geez - I love having all three kids home. I could totally homeschool our kids, they are different kids when they're at home"
Usually school mornings are rushed and everyone is miserable  - but this morning was wonderful....... until after lunch.
The kids started getting tired from staying up late the night before but refused to give in to their exhaustion.
It all went downhill from there.
Referee would've been a more suiting title than Mom this afternoon.
My kids do not do well with a change in routine.
I knew that by the second week into summer, they would be craving a structured routine so last week, I wrote out a daily summer schedule that I will start implementing next week and I will share it with y'all sometime next week on the blog!
Here's to better days ahead and celebrating the Long Weekend with family and friends!

Ps- How fun is this Photo? 
My friend Adrionna is the photographer behind AMP Studios and she took some amazing shots of our family last week when my mom was visiting.
Here is a sneak peak - they really capture our crazy side and I love that! 


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