Visiting The Garden Galaxy

Happy Monday!
This weekend went by way too quickly!
This was the first real spring weekend we've had so far this year.
The sun was shining, it was warm & there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Our oldest daughter went for a sleepover at her cousins, so we went exploring with our two youngest children.
We went for a long drive with the music loud and windows open.
We ended up at our favourite Garden Gallery, or as Luca likes to call it, The Garden Galaxy. 

It also happened to be Earth Day so we decided to let the kids pick something each to plant.
We ended up in the Herb section where you could choose 5 herbs for $10.
The kids picked mint, basil and chamomile.
We also decided on oregano and rosemary. 

We have the herbs inside in our kitchen right now and I'm still unsure if we are going to plant them outdoors eventually, or not.
I don't have a great track record for keeping plants alive, I seriously kill them all, so if you have any tips please leave them in the comments below!

Also I've linked up some similar items to my outfit because some of you were asking me on IG.
I couldn't find the exact purse that you were all asking about :( but its by Christian Lacroix and I got it Marshalls a few months ago.



  1. This looks like a fun day!! I am dying to go get some flowers for the garden!!

  2. It looks so pretty there and I love your outfit! I hope you had a fun day! XOXO

  3. This looks like the prettiest place! I love Spring!


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