How To Get Kids Glasses for FREE

Both our oldest and youngest have been wearing glasses since before the age of two.
A couple weeks ago, as I was standing in line with my son at Canada's Wonderland, a lovely woman started talking to me about her son who also wore glasses.
She asked the usual questions - how long has he been wearing glasses? Which Dr does he see? etc etc.
Then she asked me the one question that no one had ever asked me before.
 She asked me if I knew about the Loblaws Kids See Free program. 
Kids can see FREE?!
She explained to me that Loblaws offers this amazing program where kids can get one pair of glasses a year between the ages of 4-10.
I couldn't believe I had never heard of this program before!!! 
My daughter is 8.5 and has been asking, no BEGGING, us for a new pair of glasses for quite some time.
She is at this age where she is starting to care about her appearance, and she was outgrowing the style of glasses we had purchased for her a couple of years back.
Having three young kids with only one full time income means we are on a pretty strict budget, so unless her glasses were broken or lost, we had no plans to replace them - until we heard about this program.
In order to get a FREE pair of glasses your child needs a prescription no older than 90 days old and  has to be between the ages of 4 - 10.
Simple as that.
We purchased our daughters frames at Zhers but you can stop any Loblaws owned Optical centre.
The frame must have a value of $49 or under and Emma actually chose an adult frame, so we just paid the difference.
This post is in NO way sponsored.
I just know first hand what an expense glasses can be for young families and wanted to share and help others like that kind lady at Wonderland did for me.
You can find your neasrest Loblaws location HERE



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