Hey Guys!
I know I've already spammed your Instagram feeds with Wayhome photos but I'm not stopping there.
This was the first year that Louis & I attended Wayhome and we had THE best time.
This was Wayhome's third year and as soon as we heard the line up for 2017 we wanted to go, but unfortunately was out of our budget.
There were a lot of complaints from people about this years line up because in the past Wayhome was more geared towards Indie acts but this year they decided to add more genres like EDM & Hip Hop.
I personally love the diverse line up this year because as a music lover, I don't discriminate against different genres of music, a good song is a good song regardless of genre.
I have favourite bands and songs across all genres of music so I was really excited to see some of my favourite bands come together for this wonderful weekend of music and art.
The week before the festival Louis came home from work to tell me that he had won 3 day passes to Wayhome!
I was super excited of course, but how would we find a babysitter for ALL three kids for THREE days on this short notice?
Then Louis told me, that kids under 12 were free at Wayhome.
Hold on, WHAT?!
Kids at music festivals!? Isn't that a little crazy.
We decided to go the Friday alone to check out the vibe of the Festival before bringing our kids the rest of the weekend. 
The vibe of Wayhome is awesome and super chill.
I'm sure it could be a different story depending on the crowd your with but we had the best time.
There were all the food trucks you could dream of and tons of room to walk around.
We chose to stand right up by the stages but saw that there was more than enough green space at each stage that if we came back with the kids we could set up a little spot on the grass and hang back and enjoy the music at our own pace.

 (Wayhome Vlog Day One)

Wayhome Kids

(Wayhome Vlog Days Two & Three)

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