A Letter To My Son On His First Day Of Kindergarten

Dear Luca,
In a couple of sleeps I will be sending you off to your very first day of kindergarten.
People keep asking me whether I'm sad or excited for you to be going to big boy school, and the answer is both.
You have such an incredible energy and it's going to feel really weird without you here during the day, but I am so excited to see you thrive in a new environment, because I know you are going to do so well.
There will be Lego to play with, friends to make and you even get this really cool thing called recess where you get to go outside and just run around with your friends in the sand pit outside (your favourite thing to do). 

You're a busy boy, and school will help you focus that energy on to amazing things like problem solving and building giant block towers.
I'm so excited to pack your lunches and go on field trips with you like my mom used to do with me.
I've loved being home with you these last four years (even if sometimes I tell you you're driving me crazy lol )
To be honest, all summer Ive been counting down the days until I'll finally be able to go into a store without you asking me to buy you ever chocolate and transformer you see, to be able to start working out again and taking care of myself for a change -  but now that the time is almost here I have this empty feeling inside.
I'm sure at school drop off you'll be running into that kindergarten pen, that your sister was so excited to graduate from just this past June, with so much excitement.
I know you'll be okay but mama might shed a few tears - I'll try to save them for at home where you can't see though.

I'll be waiting for you at the end of the day to embarrass you with the biggest hug in the world and a million questions you'll probably be too tired to answer, but that's okay.
I wish you the best first year of kindergarten baby big boy.
I know you're going to have the best time and make some mistakes a long the way that I know you'll learn from and make you an even better person than you already are.
Remember to treat everyone with kindness and to eat your veggies!

Mommy, Daddy & your two sisters love you to the moon and back!


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