Entry Way/ Pantry Makeover on a $200 Budget

I'm so excited to share our recent home project with you guys!
We purchased our open concept back split two years ago and so far we have updated our fireplace on a $10 budget, switched out all the doors and update the living room flooring.
There is a lot of work to be done on this house, but with limited time and money we haven't been able to get done as much as we had hoped, but that's okay!
With the kids all in school, I finally have the time to put some of our own touches on this house to make it really feel like our home.
This house probably isn't our forever home, but I really believe in making your house a home whether you'll be staying a few months or a few years.

You don't have  to spend a ton of money to transform a space.
Trust me, I know it can feel discouraging to have a small budget for home updates but big changes can be made with a small budget!
We dramatically changed the feel of this space with a few pantry baskets, a new mirror and a little bit of black paint!
In total this whole makeover cost us $200!

Paint = $35
Mirror = $60
Pantry Baskets/Jars =$105


 Of course, I have big dreams to rip out that outdated tile but it's just not in our cards right now so I had to be creative and I wanted to be bold with this transformation.
After hours of searching on Pinterest - I decided I wanted to do a black accent wall!
In the past, I have been known to stick with more neutral colours, but something about this house has brought out the decor daredevil in me.
{See Luca's Blue Door HERE}
I decided to paint the small wall off the stairs that faces our kitchen black as it wasn't a huge space, so if it looked horrible it wouldn't be that BIG of a deal to fix haha
Turns out, I loved the black so much that I decided to paint our garage door as well!

What do you think of black paint?
Would you try it in your house?


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