Ugly Christmas Tree Headband DIY

Ugly Christmas Sweaters have been trending for quite a few years now, but it's time for the sweaters to make way for the newest trend -  Ugly Christmas Headbands!!!!!

Okay, so maybe they aren't a trend just yet....but they totally should be!

I had so much fun making this fun Ugly Christmas Headband DIY and I want to share how easy this was to make with all of you!

Supplies Needed:

- blank headbands
- red ribbon
- mini Christmas Tree
- mini presents 
- mini reindeer 
- hot glue gun 
- white pom pom

I got my supplies at Michael's craft store but you can find this stuff at your local dollar store as well! 

First step is wrapping your headband with ribbon using a glue gun until it is completely covered. 

Next, I took this white Pom Pom looking item that I found in the Christmas section at Michaels and I twisted off the stem.
If you can't find this exact item, you could use pom poms, or any other item that resembles snow.
Use a hot glue gun to glue the "snow" onto the side of the headband.

Next, it's time to add the Christmas tree on top of that snow!
I bought a Christmas tree that already had little Christmas ornaments on it, but you could take this DIY a step further and buy one without and add your own custom ornaments!
The tree I purchased came with a stand attached by wire, so I had to cut the wire with pliers before I could glue it on to the snow.

The final step is gluing on your reindeer and presents!
Arrange them how you want and Voila!
This headband was so easy to make and is the perfect accessory to compliment your Ugly Christmas Sweater!

Stay tuned for a video I did in collaboration with Vanessa of Studio V Beauty, where we use this headband for a fun Christmas party holiday look!



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