Gifts For Her Under $50

 I'd like to say TGIF but I work all weekend, so it's not really going to feel like much of a weekend around here for me!
What a week it has been!
2/3 kids have the stomach flu, so I've spent my days cleaning up vomit and snuggling sick kiddos then heading off in the afternoons to work until 10PM.
Luckily - Louis, Audrey (our middle child) and myself haven't been sick to our stomachs yet - but we all had some weird tummy aches and chills throughout the week. 
At least its happening before Christmas.
(Trying to look for the positive here)

Speaking of Christmas......
Can you guys even believe that Christmas is only a couple weeks away?!
Didn't 2017 just fly by!?
I'm pretty impressed with myself this year because I'm already half way done my Christmas shopping already!
(Thank you online shopping!)
I just have a few more gifts to pick up for the kids and a couple for the grandparents and I'm done!
I have my first Gift Guide for you below!
A few cute items for that special woman in your life - whether that be your bestie, mom, girlfriend, wife - I know she would love receive any one of these in the guide below!


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