DIY Fall Wreath

Happy Monday! 

It is so cool outside today which is making me all kinds of happy! 
I love the cool crisp days more than I can express into words.
I'm so excited for all things Fall like pumpkin patches, apple picking, hot cups of coffee in hand while cuddled up under cozy blankets on the couch - I love it all! 

Today, I'm sharing this DIY Fall Wreath that I made last week for under $20! 
Random fact: I actually used to have a business making and selling these wreaths when the girls were small :)
I haven't made one in years and donated all of mine somewhere amidst all our moving a few years ago, so thought it would be nice to create one for this home.

Materials Needed:

4 pieces of felt 
Grapevine Wreath
Hot Glue Gun

I purchased everything I needed at Michaels Craft Store. 
The felt were under $1 per sheet and the wreath was on sale plus I had a 40% off coupon so it came to $7! I added some fall looking berry branch type things (I really don't know what it's called haha) that I found on sale as well that were about $2.50 each, but you don't need to add them.

 Felt Flower Instructions:

Cut the felt into circles. 
You can do varying sizes to get varying shaped flowers.

Cut the felt circle into a spiral with scissors. 

Roll up the spiral (using the hot glue gun to secure as you go) until you have your flower.

I made two types of flowers for this wreath.
To make the second flower follow these instructions:


Cut a strip out of the sheet of felt. 
(about 2 inches)

Fold the strip in half and secure the bottom with hot glue to stick together.


Cut slits along the top of the folded strip about every half an inch, without cutting all the way down.


Roll the strip up (securing with glue as you roll) until you have a flower that looks like the ones below.

To Make the Wreath

Play with the placement of flowers until you find what you like best and secure with hot glue.
It really is THAT easy.


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