24 hours in Portland, Oregon

I had the incredible opportunity to visit Portland, Oregon last week to tour Laika Studios with Elevation Pictures. 

I'll share more details of that in a post later on this month, but for now, here's a little travel diary of my 24 hour trip to Portland.

This was the first time I'd ever travelled alone on my own outside of the country and I have to say it was life changing. 

I came home with a new sense of independence and really grew as a person while I was away.

It was nice to let go of that mom guilt and see that the kids really can survive a few days without me.
 A few days to miss each other and see mama chasing her dreams is never a bad thing.

Portland has been at the top of our couples bucket list for quite a few years now.
We found out our favourite tea, STASH, was founded in Portland many years ago and ever since have been drawn to the city of Portland and all it's amazing food, drink & fun culture.

Unfortunately, my husband couldn't swing this trip, but we definitely have plans to come back just the two of us. 
The plan is to one day visit our friends in British Columbia then tour around Portland & Seattle. 

Where I Stayed
I stayed in the Monaco Portland Hotel in downtown Portland that is known for its boutique style vibe.
The building was established in 1912 and was named "Most Beautiful Hotel in Oregon" by Architectural digest. 
The rooms are eclectic in the most beautiful, vintage way. 

They are basically, an Instagrammers dream come true. 

Each night, the hotel holds a Happy Hour in their salon style lobby, where guests can sip on local wine and beer while listening to local talent play.

When we do decide to visit Portland again, I will most definitely be staying at the Monaco.

Where I Ate
When I found out I'd be visiting Portland, I knew the first place I had to stop was Voodoo Donuts.
My husband and I have been low key stalking them on Instagram for the last few years.
I had heard stories and prepared myself for the long line ups Voodoo usually draws, but fortunately, there was a big wind storm the day we visited resulting in only a few people ahead of us in this eccentric donut shop.

Voodoo is known for its amazing variety of super creative donuts and bright pink sign out front. 
The Homer and Captain Crunch topped donut are what drew me in.

The second place I ate at was Pok Pok, in SE Division Portland.
They are known for recreating the most authentic and delicious food from Thailand and South East Asia. 
The food is served family style, meaning it is meant to be shared.
We ordered a variety of dishes and everything was absolutely wonderful.
The meals were clearly well thought out, each flavour in every dish perfectly complimenting each other. 



  1. What a fun trip! I always wanted to visit Portland.

  2. Looks like so much fun! Love your photos to document it too!

  3. That is such a fun trip and you look like you had a great time. Those Voodoo Donuts look delish!


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