How To Get Ready For Spring & Spring Shoe Must Haves

Okay, so it's extremely cold outside and there's snow on the ground BUT the sun was definitely  shining a little brighter yesterday.
You know, the kind of sunny day that reminds you that Winter won't last an eternity and this is something to be excited about! 
We're reaching the point in winter where I usually start to get a little down so I thought I would share some ways I get into the Spring spirit! 

The end of Winter is the perfect time to go through your closet and make a pile of anything you didn't wear this season. 
If you didn't wear it, chances are you probably never will so instead of packing that sweater away for next Winter donate or sell it.
Closer to April, I like to go room by room and do a full house declutter in preparation for Spring.

Start Exercising 
If you're anything like me, you use the Winter as one long opportunity to drink all the hot chocolate with marshmallows while binging Netflix. 
This might be cozy AF but its not the healthiest lifestyle.
March is the perfect time to start implementing daily exercise.
Go for a half hour walk or pull out that yoga mat and do pilates in your living room.
Just get that body moving.

Start Planning Spring/Summer Fun
This is the time of year to start making your Spring/Summer plans. 
Spring/Summer creeps up quickly and if you aren't prepared it can get away from you.
Start thinking about which weekend you want to host that BBQ, sign the kids up for summer camp before there's no spots left and book that camping trip you've been looking forward to all year.
Our family takes a road trip to Oklahoma every Spring so I'm in full road trip planning mode over here.

Plan Your Garden
This is the year we are finally going to commit to having our own vegetable garden. 
While it's still far too early to start planting outdoors {remember, there's still snow on the ground and I'm SO over it} planning what you want to plant ahead of time is never a bad idea!
You can also start planting seedlings indoors to give yourself a few extra weeks of growing time.

Spring Cleaning
Get ahead on Spring cleaning and write a list of everything you want to get accomplished. 

Start Planning Spring Outfits
All the stores have swapped out their winter coats for rainbows and light spring jackets and I'm here for it. 
Browsing through my favourite stores for Spring outfit Inspo has got to be my favourite way to get into the Spring mindset.
I usually buy a couple new pieces each season. 
I've already purchased an adorable polka dot dress and wedge espadrilles that you can see in my instagram post HERE

Speaking of Spring Shopping....I've rounded up some of my most coveted shoes for Spring. 
I own the first pair of espadrilles in black and the rest are on my Spring Wish List.

Which are your faves?


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