The Best Clear Bags

90s fashion is making a huge comeback and as a child of the 90s, I'm here for it!
It's also practical because a lot of concert venues and festivals are making clear bags a policy for safety reasons.

When I took our oldest daughter to see Ariana Grande in concert a few months back, we found out the morning of the concert that they were instilling the clear bag policy.
I frantically went to the mall in hopes of finding one and  thought it was going to be impossible but turns out there's actually some pretty cute clear vinyl bags out there!

I've rounded up some of my favourite clear bags for ya'll below!

Let me know which one you would buy.


Perfect Party In A Box

Sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming to juggle all the responsibilities I have as a wife, mom of three and owner of two businesses

Throw in 5 birthdays in one week and my stress levels are at an all time high.

Between January 28th - February 2nd we celebrate my grandmas, one of my best friends, both of  my daughter's and my own birthday.

It's complete Happy Chaos haha

So much so, that this post has been sitting in my drafts since February haha!


The last thing I want to be doing during this busy time of year, is running around trying to find the perfect party decor.

Enter: Perfect Party In a Box

They were my night in shining armour this year!

Their perfectly-designed boxes came with everything I needed (and wanted) for throwing my girls parties and it was delivered right to my door!!

This year I used the Pretty In Pastels ( see above)  & Unicorn & Rainbows (see below)  Party Boxes for the girls birthdays.

Visit to look at all the amazing boxes they offer!

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