3D Foundation


What is 3D Foundation?
It's your entire makeup routine in one compact by Seint Beauty.
Instead of applying multiple layers of makeup, you apply one layer with your custom one palette makeup.
The starter palette consists of your Main Highlight {foundation}, Brightening Highlight {concealer}, Contour & Lip+Cheek colour, goes in one simple layer saving you tons of time! 

The goal is simple: have flawless makeup while saving you time and storage! 
It's so easy, literally anyone can achieve a beautiful makeup look! 

How to Order Seint in Canada and the USA
You can order your makeup right from the Seint website.
If you want to have a custom shade match before purchasing, you can fill out 
and I can help match the colours to your skin tone! I'm trained in online colour matching and have colour matched thousands of women! 

Once you order, your makeup will arrive right at your doorstep. 

On average, highlight foundation tins last 2-4 months. Contour tins last 3-6 months, lip + cheek tins typically last 6-12 months, and illuminators last 9-12 months. You really only need to replace things when you need them, saving time, space and money! These tins are only $14 USD/ $20 CAD each.


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