30 Day June Outdoor Walking Challenge

30 Day June Outdoor Walking Challenge 💖 who’s in?! 

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Let’s do this 👊🏻✨

The last five year have been HARD! A pandemic, homeschooling three kids, an autism diagnoses for my son, navigating his needs and the end of a sixteen year relationship. I fell into a pretty dark place and put on over 50lbs and in January 2024 I decided it was time to become the best version of myself again! 

I knew that in order to pull myself out of this slump I had to start with something super simple like walking or I would quit.

I joined the gym and started walking the treadmill almost daily. 

That with a combination of my daily supplements that help me burn fat and curb my cravings, I’m down 15lbs. 

This challenge is just a 30 minute walk everyday. 

You can even break it up into two 15 minute walks, doesn’t matter as long as your doing it! 

This is about changing habits and eventually you can add work outs etc

Let’s do this! 

Oh! I also started an accountability group over on Facebook where we can all share pictures, recipes, progress and encouragement! 



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