For the past few months I have been feeling so uninspired.
I'll go to create and nothing gets created.
I will log into this blog to type and no words make it on the screen.
The past few days though I have been feeling very inspired.
Big changes are coming in the near future - I can feel it.
And I love change.
Life is all about change.
Another thing I love - Fall.
Fall leaves. Fall Lattes. Fall smells. Fall Decor.
I haven't been doing much fall decorating this year but I have been drinking a lot of fall lattes.
And eating way too many pumpkin spice scones from Starbucks.
This year I am just keeping it simple as far as decor goes.
Some cute little white pumpkins across my mantle and some Fall scented candles from Bath and Body.
Nothing better than walking into a house that smells like Fall.
What fall decor have you put up this year?

I also have to share another member of the Mazzone Family that seems to be feeling very inspired lately!

I asked Emma to go upstairs and put her Pj's on and this is what she comes out in.

She took out every skirt she owned and layered them and brought me hair elastics and asked me to tie one in the front and one in the back and take pictures because she is a fashion designer!

Look at this creation!
Future Star of Project Runway Canada 2027?
I think so!


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