A couple of weeks ago our sweet baby girl big girl started Pre-School 2 afternoons a week.
She went last year for 6 months but only once a week.
Most of Emma`s friends started Kindergarten this year but Emma is a January baby which means she gets 1 whole extra year at home with her mama and sister :)
Well sorta - I`m pretty much working 4 days a week but I`ll save that for another post.

We got all ready for her first day of preschool with an at home manicure :)
(Funny tidbit - I wasn't allowed to wear nail polish until I was about 12)
Emma thought her outfit wasn't complete without mama's high heels....

And sulked on the toilet when Mama told her high heels aren't allowed at preschool.
(they did look cute with her outfit)

We took some photos while getting ready as requested by Emma.
Then put her glasses on ready to head off to her first day :)


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