What's in my makeup bag?

One of my favourite posts that other bloggers do are
"What's in my...." posts.
So I thought I would do one on What is in my makeup bag :)
I also did my first vlog about what's in my makeup bag as well that you can check out
1- Spectro Moisturiser
2- Mac Eyeshadow in ORB
3- Bonne Bell Pencil Liner in Black Ink
4- NYC Pencil Liner in ShowTime Black glitter Liner
5- Mac Studio Fix BoldBlack Lash
6-Benefit - They're Real Mascara
7- Mac Select Cover up in NW20
8- Maybeline FIT foundation in 120
9-Estee Lauder Tender Blush in 214 Rose Nuance
10- Deodorant - Secret Invisible

1-Bath and Body Works Vanilla Sugar Body Splash
2- Chanel Chance
3- Burberry

What's in your makeup bag?

What we ate for lunch

Mama Ate
Romaine Lettuce, Radicchio, Tomato, Avocado, Breaded Chicken, Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinaigrette

Girls Ate
Natural Select Hot Dog, Cucumber, Cheddar Cheese, Homemade Smoothie (pomegranate, strawberries,blueberries,vanilla yogurt,banana,peach,milk)
What do you eat for lunch? Do your kids eat the same?
Our Girls are picky so they rarely eat what we eat for dinner/lunch but I always try to give them fruits and veggies with every meal.

Life Lately

Life lately has consisted of many naps!
Before kids I was never a napping kind of gal.
I felt if I napped I would be waisting the day!
I guess I passed this trait on to our first born Emma because since birth this girl was too cool for napping.
Our poor baby  big girl has had a high fever the past 4 days though and has been napping pretty much all day every day.
All those days I wish she would just rest for half an hour and now that's all she's doing and I wish she would go back to being her normal non napping self.
Today her fever is not as hot as it has been!
Lets hope this is the end of whatever she has.
We have been watching The Muppets a LOT.
Probably at least once a day.
Our youngest Audrey is obsessed!!!!
She calls it the muh-mutts.
And asks for it about 10 times a day by either saying
"Mama, Muh-mutts??"
"Mama, Movie??"
I never posted about this but a couple of weeks ago my best friend got married!!
It was such a wonderful weekend away and she looked absolutely stunning!!!!
This is my favourite picture because we are all just having such a great time :)
That is pretty much all we have been up to lately :)
It's been nice to not have so many plans and just really enjoy each and every day.
What have you been up to lately?



Halloween is Mr. Mazzones favourite holiday.
This year he really wanted us all to dress up.
He had something creepy in mind - like Freddy Krueger.
When we went Halloween shopping our 3 year old didn't like that idea so much and ended up asking telling daddy he needed to be Peter Pan.
He really pulls off those tights if you ask me!

Miss Emma also got to pick out my costume.
She wanted me to be Meridah from Brave although I think I ended up looking more like a highland dancer and our friends mom thought I was Poison Ivy!
Our littlest Audrey wore a hand-me down costume from her big sister Emma.
She made an adorable butterfly.

Emma was a princess of course.
Not just any princess though, she was Princess Rapunzel on her wedding day.

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