8 Years

{This picture is so us}
8 Years ago today I went on my first "date" with the man I would later marry and have children with!
Okay - so it wasn't exactly a "date".
 8 Years ago today I brought the guy I was REALLY interested in to a party in the bush.
Anyone that knows my husband knows this is NOT the way to impress him.
He is not into partying or drinking and especially not in bushes!!
In my defence though, I was only 16.
Poor guy thought we were going to the movies but at the last minute I had heard about a party that I thought would be fun!
He still tells me that after that night he literally walked in his front door and said to himself
"What the f*** was that?"
I must have really left an impression on him because here I am 8 years later writing about our 8 year Anniversary.
Thank you Louis for the best 8 years!
Who would've thought that night at the bush party we would be close to 5 years of marriage, 2 kids and one on the way later.
Love you!







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